Plano-Convex Lens

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Different type of coating can be applied based on customer request
  • High precision surface polishing
  • CNC machining into different shape like step or with hole
  • High quality
  • leading on time

Product Details

Plano-convex, a collimated light beam passing through the lens transfer to a spot behind the lens. we also called a positive or converging lens. The distance from the lens to the focal points(mentioned as spot) is the lens focal length, which is commonly abbreviated f in diagrams and equations, and normally we can mentioned in the specification as EFL. PHYO OPTICS supply Plano-Convex lens in N-BK7,Fused Silica,CaF2,SF11,H-BaK4,H-BaK7,etc


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